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2th weekend Belgian Championship 2011

Posted by andrea-bel26 on May 9, 2011 at 3:42 PM

This weekend I did the North Sea Cup at Ostend. This event is the 2th weekend of the Belgian Championship series 2011 and we did 2 days of Formula courseracing. Again it was a new experience for me and again I was the only girl on a formula board in the race. Formula racing is very exciting and I enjoyed it very much. With my F2 board and a Naish Stealth 8.8 sail, I was the least powered competitor. On saterday there was a good wind with gusts up to19 knts so It was heavy work! My first heat I had a bad start, got to a wrong buoy and could not finish in time. The 2th and 3th race were much better. On Sunday there was less wind. We went on the water but and as we started our race in almost non-planing conditions, the heat was aborted. There were no more races any more for the sunday. It was a great weekend with my first  Formula race.

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