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1st weekend Belgian Championship 2011

Posted by andrea-bel26 on May 2, 2011 at 3:41 PM

Last weekend I started with the Belgianchampionship series 2011 for Slalom at the Grevelingen lake in Holland. These series runover 5 weekends at different locations in Belgium and Holland. When the wind limits for Slalom are not achieved, the race will be changed into a Formula competition.

This first Belgian  Championship weekend was a fantastic kick off event for Slalom. Is was sunnyand very windy. 50 competitors showed up for the race. We did 5 heats on saterday and 5 heats on sunday. I rigged all my slalom gear - 4 sails and 3 boards - to get the right set on the water. It was a tough competition to only male concurrents. I mostly ended up somewhere at the end of the ranking of every heat, but I did learn a lot. My starts where average and one false start gave me a DSQ. My gibes were in good control. I ended on the 33th place out of 50 male competitors. It was a great race.

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